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RACE START: Line up for the race start is at Blatchley Middle School. After the pre-race safety briefing and course review, it is tradition to have a moment of silence in honor of Julie and all who have had cancer. 

RUN: The 5 mile run will take participants towards town over the McConnell Bridge to the US Coast Guard Base and back. Youth runners (1.5 miles) will turn at the base of the bridge.

BIKE: A 14 mile bike course keeps cyclists on an out-and-back trip along Halibut Point Road. Turnaround point for adults is at "The End", Starrigavan turnaround. Youth (6 miles) will turn around at Sandy Beach parking lot. All riders are required to wear helmets and ride with traffic. 

SWIM: The final leg is a 1000 yard swim (40 lengths/20 laps) at Blatchley Pool. Youth participants will swim 500 yards (20 lengths/10 laps). 

TRANSITION AREA NOTES: All transition area traffic will be by foot only. Riders are required to dismount bicycles before leaving or entering the transition area. Riders are also required to wear a buckled helmet when riding. 

SWIM TRANSITION: Swimmers will enter the pool thru the main enterance and into their locker room. Before entering the pool a thorough shower is required. Swimmers will then check in with Pool Traffic Manager for lane assignment. ABSOLUTELY NO DIVING INTO THE POOL IS ALLOWED! 


Julie Hughes Triathlon Course

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